Beginner’s Guide to Electric Burners

An electric burner is a great addition to any living environment or home. Even if you are a college student, you may use an electric burner to heat up food, for preparing tea or coffee and even prepare home cooked meals. The biggest benefit is that these electric burners come in single and double burner configuration. If you are alone at home and are going to use the burner only for a very limited purpose, a single burner will also be perfect. A double electric burner which is composed of two or more plates is suitable for cooking a full fledged meal for an entire family. Double electric burners are lightweight and are very ideal for campers and hikers.

Most electric burners have self cleaning feature that makes them ideal for home, office an school use. Most electric burners use 1000 watts of electric power and they heat up almost instantly. The heating elements are usually made up of cast iron that distributes the heat equally to make sure that your food is cooked properly. You can also alter the temperature of the burner plates to suit your particular requirements. There is also a warm option allowing you to warm the food at lower temperature for optimal use of electricity. This warm option on electric burner is usually common.

However, there are some single burners that use coils instead of a plate and they can heat up faster than a plate. This configuration helps in conserving electrical energy and lowering your electric bills. This type of electric burner also uses 1000 watts of electrical power and typically has 3 temperature settings to cook at high, low and medium temperature settings. There is a power light indicator indicating if the burner is on. This also helps in preventing accidents. Many of the high end burners come with 4 legs to ensure mechanical stability. Some even have chrome drip pans that can be wiped clean very easily. Most burners have low profile design, which can save you space. The portability of electric burners are also excellent.

Some electric burners have a much better compact design, this makes them fit either in a hotel setting or in an apartment room. These small burners typically use 750 watts of electrical power. These burners commonly use a coil type heating element that facilitates fast cooking and distributes the heat evenly for properly cooked food. Most of these electric burners also feature 3 temperature settings of high, medium and low. Whether you want to just simmer or warm your food or really need to do some large scale cooking, you would still have no complaints. Another good feature to look for, is the cool touch feature to avoid accidents. Many these chrome plated pans are cleaned easily using wet cloth plus detergent. If you are a believer in eating healthy, home cooked foods, this is the ideal equipment that you and every household must possess.

If you like to cook quickly and more efficiently and also contribute towards making green, then these electric hot plates are your best option. Another great advantage of utilizing these cooking plates is that you will never ever have to wait for LPG. The cookware would generally get spoiled from the outside whenever you are cooking on traditional stove and then you have to spend lots of your time and energy in just cleaning those vessels. This disadvantage can be avoided by using these cooking plates. Secondly, there are instances of accidents due to leakage of gas. It is also not good to travel with traditional stoves even you can carry them. Cooking plates are easily transported from place to place.

Electric burners always serve as the best food warmer. Just place the hot plate in a corner or table and enjoy hot soups and other delicious foods. In addition, electric burners cost less compared to old and traditional stoves, both in terms of price point and operating expense. Many landlords will allow only the use of small electric burners in their apartment buildings for safety reasons. Therefore an electric burner is always the best option for a healthy, economical and safe cooking.


These new induction cooktops and electric ranges are the most efficient cookers on the market today. The Induction cooking surface, when operating, and with a metal pan on top of the cooking element, produces an electric current in the cooktop that creates magnetic field. This magnetic field causes eddy currents which generate heat on the pan, heating and cooking your food. Even if you turned on the burner, if the pan is not even touching the surface, you could safely put your hand on the element. There is no apparent heat loss whenever you remove the pan, this makes the induction cooktop efficient compared to other cooking surfaces. The pans should have flat bottoms and must be made of metal or so that the electromagnetic heating process will work

Natural Gas or Propane vs Electric Burners

If an expensive cooktop or cooking range is not in your idea, there are also other options to consider. Based on the current natural gas pricing, natural gas is a bit cheaper to operate than an electric cooktop. So, if you’re considering appliances based on the cost of operation, you may want to check the average prices of electricity vs natural gas in your home area. (Be informed that the proposed energy legislation will also affect the cost of any fossil based fuels and prices will go be higher for both natural gas and electricity. How much they will increase is still unknown.) Overall, the savings of natural gas burners over electric burners has historically been small and amounts to less than 50 dolar a year in savings.

Energy Efficient Ranges and Cooktops – Which to Buy – Induction, Gas, or Electric

The most energy efficient cooking device would be the induction cook top followed by electric/convection oven, then by a gas cooktop. Convection ovens are a bit more expensive compared to electric or gas only oven, but they usually require less cooking time, so this means that you are using less energy and at the same time, reducing your spent time in the kitchen.All in one gas or electric cooking units are the cheapest, but not they are also not the most energy efficient. The difference in operating costs is totally dependent the utility prices in your area. However, the cost differences, as based on the national average of gas versus electricity, this is is only a few cents, natural gas comes out being the cheaper one.

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